Omnichannel vs Multichannel: Which one to choose?

omnichannel vs multichannel

If you are a marketing manager, you are probably always looking for new ways to reach your target audience. In recent years, two terms have become increasingly popular in the marketing world: omnichannel vs multichannel. But what do they mean? And more importantly, which one is right for your business? Find out by reading on.

A/B Testing & Data Marketing

a b test

A/B Testing, also known as “split testing”, is a way to compare two versions of a website to see which one works best. Version “A” is the control, and version “B” is the change. The goal of A/B testing is to improve conversions by finding out which version of a web page is more likely […]

Email Automation: Increasing Sales

Automatización del correo electrónico aumentar ventas

Email automation is one of the best ways to increase your sales. In fact, around 17% of online sales are the result of effective marketing automation. When you automatically send emails based on your visitors’ behaviour, you provide them with a personalised experience that encourages them to return to your site and make purchases. In […]

Automating emails, why ?

Automatiser ses emails

Automating emails has become a must for e-commerce companies. The marketing automation generates a significant saving of time but also of money. A simple welcome email, if properly personalized, will increase the loyalty rate and sales. Of course, adding personalization based on customer preferences and behavior will greatly increase the average shopping cart generated and […]

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