Automating emails, why ?

Automating emails has become a must for e-commerce companies.

The marketing automation generates a significant saving of time but also of money. A simple welcome email, if properly personalized, will increase the loyalty rate and sales.

Of course, adding personalization based on customer preferences and behavior will greatly increase the average shopping cart generated and the conversion rate.

What is email automation?

Email automation is a cost-effective and efficient way to send personalized emails to e-commerce customers. The email goes out at the right time to bring the right information to the chosen customer. This personalization of the customer relationship considerably improves the loyalty of the customer who buys more easily the proposed products.

Emails reach customers because they are exactly what they like and prefer. Automation avoids the manual sending of e-mails, thus allowing to concentrate on other tasks, thanks to the time saved. But of course, e-mail personalization can always be refined.

Marketing automation goes through several steps

  • Adopt an easy-to-use automation software that is capable of handling big growth and adapting to the needs and changes of the company and its strategy. Save time with a dedicated data and marketing installation team.
  • Create an email list, for automation, which will then become the subscriber list for personalized email campaigns. This list should be divided into audiences that group customers according to their tastes and needs, optimizing loyalty.
  • Set upan automation trigger, i.e. an event or condition that triggers the sending of an email (abandoned cart, promotion, reminder for a customer who has not been on the site for a long time etc.)
  • Create emailing campaigns, i.e. design the email to be sent to the customer with images, texts, brand logos etc. This is the most time-consuming and important part of the automation, since it is what should drive the customer to the site and then buy the product.
  • Activate the automation, which assumes after all the email campaigns. It remains to monitor the campaigns, and perform A/B tests in order to identify areas of improvement and continuously grow the performance.

The advantages of automating emails

  • Emailing automation is first of all a radical way to send effective messages.

Efficiency of employees on the one hand, because they escape repetitive tasks, to devote themselves to more complex files, with greater added value, such as customer relations. On the other hand, the company is able to adapt easily and focus on sales. This method favors growth because it saves time and energy. In a word, the company is agile.

On the other hand, customers benefit from a loyalty service due to the combination of e-mail automation and ever more refined customer analysis. Loyalty is a more profitable operation than the search for new customers, which requires a heavy investment. To do this, automatic e-mails are addressed to a wide range of customers: regular customers, lost customers, recent customers.

These e-mail campaigns can still easily convert new prospects into customers, by addressing them according to their behavior and interests, without the extra effort usually required to get a new customer. This meets the need of the client company to better manage its leads, by contacting potential customers where they are and at the right time.

In fact, email automation allows the personalization of the customer experience.

Automating emails, some figures

And on the web where so much information and impersonal offers circulate, a targeted email makes an impact: automated emails get 300% more clicks than promotional messages. But more visibly, in 2019, 72% of customers only responded to marketing messages that touched their interests. In short, email automation saves time and money on both the website and customer side through its relevance and optimization power.

Why choose Probance to automate your emails?

  • Probance has worked for almost twenty years on its software, it is now very experienced in automation. Probance has the capacity to take totally in charge the installation on the site and the setting up of the communications, then all the operation is automatic. Thanks to a very advanced algorithm, the emails and purchase recommendations are very precise. It’s as if the customer had an in-store advisor who had always known exactly what he or she liked and what he or she was interested in. A marketing automation platform that generates strategies within days. Increasing your online sales through different scenarios. So you can give up and enjoy the joys of expertise.
  • The main differences between Probance and marketing tools like Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Mailjet… Is its algorithm that automatically creates audiences according to their interests. Its emailing functionalities allow to save a lot of time. A high opening rate, a 24/7 customer service, examples of scenarios already tested for different websites.

Testimonials Probance, marketing automation solution

  • Probance Google Reviews
  • Probance is not less attentive to all your possible needs: this is concretized by a presence of our teams 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, enabled by offices and data centers covering all time zones.
  • Its strong automation accompanied by a data, technical and marketing expertise, allows Probance to propose a high quality personalized marketing at a considerably reduced price, thus allowing excellence to small companies. It offers a contractual guarantee on a minimum increase in turnover/revenue.
  • By the power of its modeling, Probance is not reduced to a simple email cannon without efficiency. But it is attentive to the deliverability of its emails, preventing them from arriving in spam automatically without the customer having seen it, and thus taking care of the reputation of its website with Google.

What impact automating emails have on the conversion rate?

A conversion strategy aims to convert more via different personalized email scenarios. While each conversion strategy differs from one channel to another, the general steps remain the same. The first step is to identify the key metrics and the audience. Then, gather user feedback and other data to decide what to test.

Finally, perform A/B testing to optimize pages and communication scenarios for conversion. A/B testing will add, rearrange and redesign elements of different email scenarios to achieve maximum conversion. A/B tests can be used to optimize text, CTA design or placement, headline length and other elements.


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