Automate your emails: 10 benefits

Email automation is easily the first viable choice if you want to save time and stay close to your customers.

After all, time is short and emails are everywhere. According to a 2020 study, the average number of emails sent per day has increased by 26%*. When you’re managing marketing campaigns or trying to increase your online visibility, managing emails manually can be very time-consuming. Fortunately with email automation, it’s now possible to send large-scale messages more quickly and efficiently while minimising the manual grooming required to do it properly. In this blog post we’ll take a look at 10 important benefits that this strategy can offer e-tailers!

1. Task automation:

Automating your email marketing campaigns allows you to reduce the workload and save time for more important tasks

By automating the routing and sending of messages to thousands or even millions of recipients

2. Email personalisation:

Automating your emails allows you to automatically personalise the emails you send according to the interests and behaviour of the recipients. This type of personalisation considerably increases the rate at which emails are opened and creates greater engagement with recipients

3. Automated tracking of the performance of your marketing campaigns:

Automating your emails means you can automatically track open rates, click-through rates and other engagement metrics for each automated campaign. This gives you valuable information that will help you to understand your audience better and reach them at the right time. You’ll also be able to develop and optimise your marketing automation strategy to aim for higher e-commerce growth. With A/B tests in particular, you’ll be able to compare the results of certain campaigns directly with each other

4. Easy integration of automation tools:

Integrate your email automation with other e-commerce or marketing automation platforms. To consolidate and automate the processing of information. This saves you time and simplifies the automation process

Some marketing automation tools, such as Probance, integrate email automation directly. By opting for a tool such as this data marketing platform, you are investing your efforts intelligently

5. Better targeting of your marketing campaigns:

Thanks to advanced audience segmentation, you can better target your audience and reduce the churn rate. But also increase your average shopping basket and conversion rates. With email automation based on customer and user behaviour. This will be done by processing your e-commerce product flows to track actions taken on your catalogue

6. Save time and money for your e-commerce:

Reduce the cost and time involved in designing, planning and sending marketing emails. This is one of the additional benefits of automating your email marketing. You’ll be able to allocate your human and material resources differently for even greater efficiency

7. Automating email marketing sales:

Automating your emails also enables you to automate the sales process and automated responses to all enquiries, which can considerably improve your marketing and sales process

8. Scalability of your email automation strategy:

Easily and automatically adapt your marketing automation strategy as your e-commerce grows. This simplifies the process and considerably reduces the time needed to automate your marketing. It also means you can optimise the performance of your campaigns and ensure that your e-commerce growth is sustainable

9. Analysis of customer and e-commerce data:

Automatically collect and analyse customer activity data, providing valuable information on trends and audience behaviour

As a result, you’ll be able to personalise your automated email campaigns more effectively and increase the revenue they generate

10. Flexibility of your sales channels:

Automating emails offers the flexibility you need to constantly adapt your message to the interests and behaviour of your recipients

You’ll be offering personalised messages and products according to individual preferences. Resulting in an increase in results linked to marketing automation and email marketing

Data marketing and email automation, the winning combo

Audiences are more engaged than ever. Thanks to data marketing, you can capture data on your audiences and integrate it into your email campaigns to better target and segment your audience. This allows companies to personalise the experience of the consumers they care about. Accurate segmentation can improve the quality of emails sent, leading to higher open rates and effective automation to create more profitable campaigns. With data marketing correctly channelling audiences, revenues generated by the e-commerce channel find an increase. Online shops using data marketing benefit from communication that meets the needs of their audiences. With content that captures attention and helps increase online sales and ROI

By automating your emails, you’ll gain considerable advantages such as simplicity, efficiency and precise targeting. The benefits of email automation are numerous and can help you improve your e-commerce marketing, create better interaction with your audience and automate the buying process. If you haven’t automated your emails yet, it’s high time you did! Take a moment to look at the top 10 benefits that email automation can offer your business and find out how to set up effective automation. You’ll see that email automation can be an excellent way of increasing your sales and consolidating your online presence.

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