5 essential email automations

Automated emails are one of the most effective ways of increasing sales and conversions, as well as improving customer retention rates. In fact, it has been shown that 59% of consumer purchasing decisions are influenced by automated emails

There are several types of automated email that you can send to your customers. Depending on the stage of the customer lifecycle they are at. Here are 5 essential email automations that every e-commerce business should implement

What are automated emails?

To provide a bit of context, we’ll describe what email marketing automation is

Email marketing automation is a sophisticated and effective method that allows e-tailers to automate their email campaigns. It is a process that combines advanced technological tools such as segmented lists. As well as web feeds (products, catalogues, etc.) and behaviour-based triggers. To send specific messages to recipients at the right time

The main advantages of email marketing automation are its speed, reliability and effectiveness. And the opportunity it offers brands to further engage their audience

Why use email automation?

Email automation is one of the most important levers for stimulating sustainable e-commerce growth

Automated emails allow businesses to communicate with their customers in a personalised and targeted way. This means you reach a wider audience and can be confident that your emails remain interesting and relevant. As a result, you can achieve higher open rates. And create a strong engagement with your existing customer base by creating emails tailored to individual consumer practices. Using email marketing automation can therefore improve your brand awareness. And customer loyalty by offering concise, intuitive and diversified campaigns

1. The welcome sequence

The welcome email sequence is a highly effective way of establishing regular and interesting contact with your customers and subscribers. This can include sending a special message when someone subscribes to your list. Or automatically providing them with general information about your product or service. A welcome sequence is the first introduction to visitors: it can be practical, personal and engaging all at once. It encourages customers, subscribers and partners to stay engaged with your brand

2. Recovery of abandoned shopping baskets

Abandoned basket recovery is an excellent strategy for boosting sales

By implementing email marketing automation processes, you can automate the process and engage customers effectively. You greet customers after an abandoned basket, especially by email. Remind them that they are always welcome and encourage them to buy

What’s more, automating data flows can help to record data relating to abandoned shopping baskets. And to compare this information in order to determine why certain people don’t complete their orders

The use of email is therefore an essential element in gathering valuable information. Information that will help you to better understand your customers and follow up on their orders

3. Post-visit follow-up

The best way to maximise the return on e-commerce visits is to automate email marketing. Automation allows you to target email campaigns at the people who visit your website. And to ensure that your message is delivered on time. This approach ensures maximum engagement from your previous visitors. And helps to encourage them to make a purchase, sign up for an account or take any other significant action on your site

4. Post purchase

Post-purchaseemail is an excellent way to maximise the value of each customer

With email marketing automation, you can create personalised email sequences that maintain relationships with your customers. And keep them engaged after they’ve bought from you

Automating post-purchase emails can help you increase customer loyalty, lifetime value and overall ROI. What’s more, automation tools make it easier than ever to stay organised and send relevant content to your customers with minimum effort. This includes setting up dynamic blocks for up-selling or cross-selling

Investing in email automation is an intelligent decision that can contribute to the long-term success of your business

5. Reactivation

Using thecustomer reactivation email sequence is an excellent way of targeting customers who have stopped using your e-commerce. And who would otherwise no longer be engaged

By sending automated e-mails, according to a predetermined schedule, you can maintain the personalisation that e-mail campaigns offer. Without wasting precious working hours and by creating more efficient customer service processes

Reactivating these inactive customers in a friendly but professional way is important. It can be done with e-mail sequences tailored to your needs and the preferences of your consumers. Start reaping the rewards of email marketing automation today!

Automating your email marketing is a great way to increase sales and keep customers engaged. By using the five automations we’ve described in this article. You can create personalised email sequences that will encourage customers to return and make a purchase

What’s more, automating your data flow can help you track abandoned shopping baskets. And to find out what causes people not to complete their orders. These 5 automated emails are an essential part of any e-commerce. Use them wisely to increase your customers’ loyalty, value and return on investment!

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